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Arabica coffee plant - Eden-grown Arabica coffee plant - Eden-grown
Eden ProjectArabica coffee plant - Eden-grown
Bring the lush flavour of coffee into your home with this Arab...
Sale price£14.95
Eden chickpea seeds
Eden ProjectEden chickpea seeds
Chickpeas make very attractive plants, with feathery foliage a...
Sale price£2.29
Java tea plant - Eden-grown Java tea plant - Eden-grown
Eden ProjectJava tea plant - Eden-grown
This attractive, medicinal herb has been traditionally used in...
Sale price£14.95
Wildflower mat biodegradable seed carpet
Bees SeedsWildflower mat biodegradable seed carpet
Create a beautiful, natural flower display, and provide a have...
Sale price£9.50
Eden butter bean seeds
Eden ProjectEden butter bean seeds
This is a shelling bean with large white kidney shaped beans. ...
Sale price£2.29
Beetroot tonda di chioggia seeds
Eden ProjectBeetroot tonda di chioggia seeds
Beetroot ‘Tonda di Chioggia’ – Beta vulgaris L. conditiva Als...
Sale price£2.29
Friarielli broccoli spigariello seeds
Eden ProjectFriarielli broccoli spigariello seeds
Friarielli broccoli ‘Spigariello’ – Brassica oleracea. This &...
Sale price£2.29
National Wildflower Centre meadow mix
Eden ProjectNational Wildflower Centre meadow mix
These beautiful wildflowers will provide food for a wide range...
Sale price£4.25
Red poppy seeds
Eden ProjectRed poppy seeds
Red Poppy ‘Rhoeas Semplice Rosso’ – Papaver rhoeas. The red p...
Sale price£2.29
Sweet pea multicolour seeds
Eden ProjectSweet pea multicolour seeds
Sweet pea ‘a grandi flori Multicolour’ – Lathyrus odoratus Th...
Sale price£2.29
Nasturtium dwarf mixed seeds
Eden ProjectNasturtium dwarf mixed seeds
Nasturtium ‘Nano Multicolour’ dwarf mixed – Tropaeolum majus ...
Sale price£2.29
Seeds Of ItalyAgretti
When mature (50 or so days) Agretti is a 18" wide, 24&quo...
Sale price£3.00
Bee balm seed pack Bee balm seed pack
Earthsong SeedsBee balm seed pack
As the name suggests, bee balm is very popular with bees and o...
Sale price£2.95
Carrot paris market seeds
Eden ProjectCarrot paris market seeds
Carrot ‘Paris Market’ – Daucus carota The ‘Paris Market’ carr...
Sale price£2.29
Butternut squash rugosa seeds
Eden ProjectButternut squash rugosa seeds
Squash butternut ‘rugosa’ – Cucurbita moschata This yellowish...
Sale price£2.29

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