Dog treats & snacks

Dog treats & snacks

At the Eden Project Shop, we believe that pampering your furry friend should go hand in paw with caring for our planet, that's why we've curated a collection of treats that will delight your pet's taste buds while making a positive impact on the environment. Indulge your pet in the goodness of nature with treats from industry leading brands such as Green & Wild. Featuring nutrient-packed options like seaweed spirulina snacks, or calming garden herbal bakes that soothe and relax, and mighty mussel munchies – the ideal muscle food for your furry companion. Our assortment also includes the omega-3-rich 'Andy Bag of Anchovies' and more, all crafted from 100% natural ingredients. Treat your pet to nutritious treats and explore our full range of eco-conscious pet snacks to find a delectable and earth-friendly option that your furry friend will adore.


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Green & Wild's Mighty Mussel Munchies dog treats packaging with healthy natural snacks for pets, green-lipped mussels bites for joint care displayed in front of the bag. Organic pet food Greenhill's Mighty Munchies with fresh farm-grown mushrooms, peas and parsley on wooden background, eco-friendly packaging, vegan dog treats spilled from bag.
Green & WildsMighty mussel munchies 130g
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
1 Review
Mighty mussels for mighty muscles!! Green & Wild's mi...
Sale price£6.00
Fish deli cubes 75g
Green & WildsFish deli cubes 75g
The tasty ingredients of these little deli cubes are caught in...
Sale price£6.00
Cornish fishcakes with turmeric 150g
Green & WildsCornish fishcakes with turmeric 150g
Baked in Cornwall, these tasty salmon, carrot & turmeric f...
Sale price£8.50
Eco Insect dog treats packaging, Green & Wild's sustainable pet nutrition, sweet potato, beetroot, and pumpkin flavor dog snacks with eco-friendly insect protein. Eco-friendly insect protein dog treats spilling from a sustainable packaging on wooden surface next to eggs and a scoop of seeds.
Green & WildsIngrid's incredible insects' eco insect bakes 130g
Green & Wild's super sustainable and yummy treats. Lo...
Sale price£6.00
Farmer Fred's veggie bakes 130g Green & Wilds Farmer Fred's Veggie Bakes dog treats packaging with loose treats scattered on wooden surface, eggs and sprinkle of seeds alongside.
Green & WildsFarmer Fred's veggie bakes 130g
Green & Wild's healthy, wholesome, vegan, veggie snack...
Sale price£6.00
Andy bag of anchovies 50g Andy bag of anchovies 50g
Green & WildsAndy bag of anchovies 50g
High in protein, low in calories and packed with omega-3, thes...
Sale price£4.25
Cornish fishcakes with pumpkin 150g Cornish fishcakes with pumpkin 150g
Green & WildsCornish fishcakes with pumpkin 150g
Baked in Cornwall, a great snack for any dog! 100% natural and...
Sale price£8.50
Green & Wilds Farmer Fred's Wild Garden Herbal Bakes dog treats packaging with visible healthy ingredients such as dandelion, rose hip, spinach, nettle, alfalfa, chamomile, and carob.
Green & WildsFarmer Fred's wild garden herbal bakes 130g
Green & Wild's Nature's calming treats! Our Wild ...
Sale price£6.00
Green & Wild's Super Seaweed Snacks for dogs, natural healthy dog treats with spirulina and sweet potato, nutritious crunchy pet snacks in eco-friendly packaging Organic Green & Wilds Super Seaweed Snacks packaging and scattered crunchy treats on wooden surface with brown eggs and jute bag visible.
Green & WildsSuper seaweed snacks 130g
Green & Wild's crunchy, tasty bakes with spirulina and...
Sale price£6.00
Geodesic domes of sustainable biome project with hexagonal patterns amidst lush greenery during sunset with a seagull flying overhead

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