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At the Eden Project, we want to provide shoppers with a retail experience that reflects the stories we tell, offering products that support sustainable livelihoods, the protection of the natural world, and our journey to become climate and nature positive by 2030.

This means actively doing good, rather than less bad.

As well as whether we think you’ll love and find them useful, we consider the entire life cycle, from beginning to ‘end’, of all the things in our shop and strive to choose products that meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • Support circular systems

We are working towards a circular economy approach, to do our bit in transforming the current linear system of take > make > use > waste, into a circular system of make > use > reuse > renew/recycle/redesign > make.

More products designed and made to fit this system means less extraction of new, raw materials and fewer emissions and waste from their manufacture and end of life. For example, our reusable jute bags, recyclable DuraOcean chairs made of ocean plastic, and compostable coffee pods. We are also reducing our own waste from the shop wherever possible, for example choosing companies that use recyclable, plastic-free packaging for delivery.

  • Nurture nature and nature connection

Central to our mission is the aim to reconnect people with the natural world and remind them how we all rely on plants for pretty much everything: food, fuels, medicines and materials. Our products showcase the amazing things plants can be used for. If sourced and created in a sustainable way, plant-based and other natural products have a much lower impact on nature than stuff created from virgin plastic or metal.

We choose products that are organic, non-polluting, cause minimal emissions and waste, and are not linked to the destruction or degradation of habitats in any way. We choose products that connect the consumer to the natural world through the story of where they came from, and through their use, like our gardening and plant care products and wildlife houses.

  • Support livelihoods locally and globally

We always look for local and regional suppliers first, as long as they meet our other criteria. This reduces carbon emissions from transport, shares our success with the community and supports the local economy. We work with local couriers that use electric vehicles. We’re increasing our range of plant products grown at our new onsite, geothermally powered nursery Growing Point, which harvests rainwater from the sky and heat from the earth. It now supplies 80% of our indoor plants and 30% of our outdoor stock. When products come from further away, we look for a transparent, sustainable supply chain and never use airfreight.

  • Socially conscious and ethical

Whether products come from local suppliers or further afield, we choose products and organisations that give back to that community – providing fair pay to the makers, artisans, workers and producers. We support suppliers and organisations with sustainable and ethical business and work practices, advocating for fair trade and social justice - making sure people around the world are treated with respect, fair pay, proper equipment and access to education and medical care. We condemn compulsory or forced labour in all its forms and do all we can to support the Government's implementation of the Protocol on Forced Labour and other relevant treaties.

  • Pushes for change

We are proud to share the ways we are demonstrating positive transformation at our destinations and throughout our projects and hope it inspires others - governments, businesses and individuals to do the same. By supporting and selling products that don’t cost the Earth, we aim to help people make informed choices about what to buy, not just at the Eden Project, but in general, driving conscientious consumerism and playing our part in the global movement to respond to the planetary emergency.

All monies raised from purchases in our shop contribute to supporting our transformational projects and learning programmes that aim to connect people with each other and nature and work towards a better future


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