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Blue bird & love necklace Blue bird & love necklace
Materia RicaBlue bird & love necklace
Pride yourself on having this secret spot in your soul with th...
Sale price£26.00
Blue freedom earrings Blue freedom earrings
Materia RicaBlue freedom earrings
Whisper to the world that you are freedom lover with the Blue ...
Sale price£32.00
Crescent luna earrings Crescent luna earrings
Materia RicaCrescent luna earrings
The full moon is looking at us whilst illuminating our dreams....
Sale price£26.00
Earth and moon stud earrings Earth and moon stud earrings
Materia RicaEarth and moon stud earrings
Earth and moon statement wooden earrings. Every piece is a sta...
Sale price£26.00
Elegant poppy stud earrings Elegant poppy stud earrings
Materia RicaElegant poppy stud earrings
Delicate and fragile, poppies are the wildflower that best exe...
Sale price£33.00
Love me love me not earrings Love me love me not earrings
Materia RicaLove me love me not earrings
Have you ever pulled the petals of a daisy off? Have you ever ...
Sale price£24.00
Monstera earrings
Materia RicaMonstera earrings
These beautiful leaf earrings are part of the fantastic Wood H...
Sale price£26.00
Navy blue swallow earrings Navy blue swallow earrings
Materia RicaNavy blue swallow earrings
Two small swallows flying over the North Sea, accompanying the...
Sale price£33.00
Reversible leaf calm earrings Reversible leaf calm earrings
Materia RicaReversible leaf calm earrings
A balanced design made with a plant pattern. There’re two opti...
Sale price£28.00
Rustling leaves earrings
Materia RicaRustling leaves earrings
Beautiful wooden earrings inspired by leaves.
Sale price£29.00

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When you shop with The Eden Project, you're supporting an educational charity and social enterprise.

Our truly transformational projects span across the UK and around the world. From Morecambe to Dundee and Costa Rica to China, we’re working to respect, protect and repair the natural world to benefit both the land and those who live on it.

Our ethical shop has been curated with sustainable products that have a story of their own. Whether you're looking for compostable coffee pods or cruelty-free cosmetics, we strive to become your go-to destination for sustainable shopping and gifting.