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Bamboo hair brush Bamboo hair brush
Eco Bath LondonBamboo hair brush
Made with sustainably sourced bamboo and rubber, this brush fe...
Sale price£12.00
Bamboo hair drying wrap Bamboo hair drying wrap
Eco Bath LondonBamboo hair drying wrap
The Eco Bath London Bamboo Hair Drying Wrap is perfect for use...
Sale price£9.50
Konjac sponge charcoal Konjac sponge charcoal
Eco Bath LondonKonjac sponge charcoal
Indulge in a gentle and effective daily cleansing routine with...
Sale price£6.00
Konjac sponge natural Konjac sponge natural
Eco Bath LondonKonjac sponge natural
Indulge in a gentle and effective daily cleansing routine with...
Sale price£4.95
Natural loofah facial pads Natural loofah facial pads
Eco Bath LondonNatural loofah facial pads
Indulge in a daily spa-like treatment with Eco Bath London Na...
Sale price£4.00
Natural loofah pad
Eco Bath LondonNatural loofah pad
This Eco Bath Natural Loofah Pad is made from superior quality...
Sale price£4.50
Natural pumice foot file
Eco Bath LondonNatural pumice foot file
Eco Bath London Natural Pumice Foot File, the perfect tool for...
Sale price£6.00
Natural pumice stone black rope
Eco Bath LondonNatural pumice stone black rope
A natural solution to remove dry, hard skin from your feet. Ma...
Sale price£6.00
Natural ramie bath mitt Natural ramie bath mitt
Eco Bath LondonNatural ramie bath mitt
Natural Ramie Bath Pad is perfect for those who seek a natural...
Sale price£5.00
Natural ramie bath scrubber Natural ramie bath scrubber
Eco Bath LondonNatural ramie bath scrubber
Natural Ramie Bath Scrubber is a perfect solution for those wh...
Sale price£6.00
Natural sisal nail brush
Eco Bath LondonNatural sisal nail brush
Our Eco Bath London Natural Sisal Nail Brushes made only using...
Sale price£4.00
Ramie bath puff Ramie bath puff
Eco Bath LondonRamie bath puff
Experience gentle and effective exfoliation with the Eco Bath ...
Sale price£5.50

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When you shop with The Eden Project, you're supporting an educational charity and social enterprise.

Our truly transformational projects span across the UK and around the world. From Morecambe to Dundee and Costa Rica to China, we’re working to respect, protect and repair the natural world to benefit both the land and those who live on it.

Our ethical shop has been curated with sustainable products that have a story of their own. Whether you're looking for compostable coffee pods or cruelty-free cosmetics, we strive to become your go-to destination for sustainable shopping and gifting.