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Baobab superfruit powder 80g
AdunaBaobab superfruit powder 80g
Baobab is the superfruit of Africa's 'tree of life'...
Sale price£5.95
Baobab tea with lemon & ginger
AdunaBaobab tea with lemon & ginger
This energising fusion of citrusy baobab fruit, fiery ginger a...
Sale price£4.95
Cacao tea with cinnamon
AdunaCacao tea with cinnamon
A luxurious dark chocolate aroma gives way to a light cocoa fl...
Sale price£4.95
Fonio organic super-grain 250g
AdunaFonio organic super-grain 250g
Fonio has been grown in West Africa for over 5,000 years. Priz...
Sale price£3.95
Hibiscus superfood powder 275g
AdunaHibiscus superfood powder 275g
Hibiscus powder is a 100% natural and organic, sustainably-sou...
Sale price£13.95
Hibiscus tea with rosehip & elderberry
AdunaHibiscus tea with rosehip & elderberry
The secret to radiant skin lies within and this fruity brew is...
Sale price£4.95
Moringa green superleaf powder 100g
AdunaMoringa green superleaf powder 100g
Moringa is a natural powder made from the dried leaf of the mo...
Sale price£6.95
Moringa tea with mint & nettle
AdunaMoringa tea with mint & nettle
A delicious minty, clean green flavour with earthy undernotes....
Sale price£4.95
Super-cacao premium blend cacao powder 100g
AdunaSuper-cacao premium blend cacao powder 100g
Cacao is treasured around the world for its delicious flavour ...
Sale price£5.95

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