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Mia craft beer glass 750ml x 2 Mia craft beer glass 750ml x 2
LSA InternationalMia craft beer glass 750ml x 2
A pair of beer glasses with short stems, generous bowls and a ...
Sale price£32.00
Mia low bowl 15cm Mia low bowl 15cm
LSA InternationalMia low bowl 15cm
A small, low bowl with a subtly fluted texture. Mouth blown fr...
Sale price£18.00
Mia low bowl 31cm Mia low bowl 31cm
LSA InternationalMia low bowl 31cm
A low, wide bowl with a subtly fluted texture. Mouth blown fro...
Sale price£50.00
Mia mini vase trio H11cm Mia mini vase trio H11cm
LSA InternationalMia mini vase trio H11cm
A set of three small vases in different shapes with a subtly f...
Sale price£36.00
Mia water carafe 1.25l Mia water carafe 1.25l
LSA InternationalMia water carafe 1.25l
A bottle-shaped carafe with a subtly fluted texture. Mouth blo...
Sale price£24.00
Mia wine glass 350ml x 4 Mia wine glass 350ml x 4
LSA InternationalMia wine glass 350ml x 4
A set of four wine glasses with short thick stems, deep bowls ...
Sale price£50.00
Sold out
Microplastic filters
Hairy BallzMicroplastic filters
Reduce ocean pollution from your laundry with a pair of Hairy ...
Sale price£10.00
Mighty mussel munchies 130g Mighty mussel munchies 130g
Green & WildsMighty mussel munchies 130g
Mighty mussels for mighty muscles!! Green & Wild's mi...
Sale price£6.00
Mila gin glass Mila gin glass
NkukuMila gin glass
Curvaceous, elegant and generous in size, the Mila gin glass c...
Sale price£17.95
Mila glass tumbler Mila glass tumbler
NkukuMila glass tumbler
These stylish Mila tumblers have an interesting etched detail ...
Sale price£11.50
Mila tall champagne glass Mila tall champagne glass
NkukuMila tall champagne glass
The translucent, generously proportioned hammered glass of the...
Sale price£12.95
Mila wine glass Mila wine glass
NkukuMila wine glass
These clear elegant Mila wine glasses are enhanced by the deco...
Sale price£14.50
Milk almond honey nougat 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyMilk almond honey nougat 180g
What's everyone buzzing about? It's Tony’s mellow yell...
Sale price£4.95
Milk caramel biscuit 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyMilk caramel biscuit 180g
Fairtrade milk chocolate with caramel pieces and biscuit piece...
Sale price£4.95
Milk caramel sea salt 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyMilk caramel sea salt 180g
Fairtrade milk chocolate filled with crunchy caramel and a hin...
Sale price£4.95

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