Best sustainable gift ideas for your loved ones in 2024

Best sustainable gift ideas for your loved ones in 2024

Finding the perfect present for those that you love can be overwhelming, especially when you take into consideration the potential impact on the environment from the making of many products and gifts. That’s why here at the Eden Project Shop, we have carefully curated a unique selection of sustainable gifts for the loved ones in your life.

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or just looking to surprise a special someone, we have an array of eco-friendly gifts to choose from. Featuring products for everyone, keep reading as we delve into our range of natural, plant-based, recycled and sustainable products that prove gifts don’t need to cost the Earth.

What is an eco-friendly gift?

An eco-friendly gift is any present that doesn’t cause harm to the environment. This could be through the unsustainable extraction of raw materials, energy intensive or polluting manufacturing and transportation or non-recyclable packing. Most eco-friendly gifts include natural or plant based materials, and are made from recycled or reused products to create a fully circular life cycle.

Here at the Eden Project, our gifts support sustainable livelihoods and social justice, as well as helping to protect the natural world and reach our target of  becoming climate and nature-positive by 2030.

This selection of eco-friendly gifts showcase our approach to sustainable shopping:

  • Supporting circular systems. Many of our gifts are selected based on the circular system of ‘make > use > reuse > renew/recycle/redesign > make’ to encourage less extraction of raw materials, fewer emissions and less waste.
  • Connecting to nature. Our products help people to connect with nature, highlighting the amazing things the natural world provides us with everyday. We choose products that that are organic, non-polluting, cause minimal emissions and waste, and are not linked to the destruction or degradation of habitats in any way.
  • Supporting livelihoods. We source the most desirable and sustainable products that support people locally, regionally and globally. Boosting local economies and giving back to makers, artisans, workers and producers around the world. Socially conscious and ethical. We support ethical businesses, advocating for fair trade and social justice.
  • Pushing for change. We continuously search for products and businesses that are leading the way in sustainability and innovation, helping to drive positive change in people’s shopping habits.

What to gift your nearest and dearest?

Whether you’ve got a loved one who is eco-conscious or you’re searching for the perfect gift to introduce someone to a more sustainable lifestyle, there is a wide range of gifts available that are kinder to the Earth. Whether you’re searching for an all-natural, organic skincare set, cosy socks made from natural bamboo fibres or a reusable coffee cup to brighten up their mornings, there’s a sustainable gift to suit everyone.

Sustainable Gifts for Her

Small bee repeat jute bag Wildflower drinking bottle

Practical gifts are often overlooked however they can be one of the most loved presents to receive, especially when they can be used many times over. A reusable bag such as this small bee repeat jute bag is the perfect gift for anyone. Made from sustainable jute materials, azo-free dyes and low-pollution inks, this bag is designed to make a difference to the environment in your everyday life. Boasting a unique bee print, this bag can be used for everything from a lunchbox to a gift bag or everyday essentials bag and is designed to last a lifetime. If you’re looking for more eye-catching patterns browse through our full collection of sustainable bags to find the perfect gift for a loved one.

A great way to begin your journey to a more eco-friendly lifestyle is to replace everyday essentials with more sustainable items. A reusable water bottle such as this Wildflower drinking bottle, makes for a great gift and removes the need to buy bottled water ever again. Made from stainless steel with double-walled construction, this BPA-free water bottle keeps drinks warm for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours. Featuring this stunning wildflower print, this gift will make any nature lover smile. Our wide range of eco-friendly drinkware is available in a variety of other prints and colours.

Wild Cornwall scented tin candle  Roll-on infused oil - the grove

 A delicious scent in the form of a candle or perfume is a foolproof gift for her, especially if it’s made using eco-friendly materials. Our range of scented candles is inspired by our Outdoor Gardens here at the Eden Project with this Wild Cornwall scented tin candle in particular boasting a rich and inviting vanilla and coconut scent, reminiscent of wild gorse. With plastic-free packaging, this candle has been poured into a simple tin can that can be recycled once used, making it a gift that can be used for many different purposes.

If you have a loved one who has a fondness for beautiful perfumes but is curious to try a more sustainable, eco-friendly alternative, this Bloomtown roll-on infused oil is a great choice. Made from a blend of nourishing plant oils including sweet almond oil, meadowfoam oil, sesame oil and vitamin E, this roll-on perfume can be added to your pulse points for an instant pick-me-up. Created locally in Cornwall using naturally sourced ingredients, this roll-on scent makes for a simple yet thoughtful gift.

Sustainable Gifts for Him

Men’s Stornoway bobble beanie blue

For those who love exploring the outdoors, a cosy hat will always be a welcomed gift. This men’s Stornoway bobble beanie is made from 100% wool with a fleece sherpa lining that helps to keep you warm and comfortable in colder temperatures. Boasting a classic fairisle pattern, this hat has been handmade in Nepal under ethical and fairly traded conditions to create a sustainable gift that anyone will love.

Tim Smit Eden Insulated travel cup

For those who are always eager to learn more about sustainability, an informative book is an ideal gift. This Tim Smit Eden book tells the story of the Eden Project from its conception to design and construction and how it has now become one of the world’s greatest eco-friendly destinations. With insightful knowledge and picturesque images, this book is a great gift for those who are already passionate about sustainability or those looking for more information on the importance of protecting the planet..

To help loved ones reduce waste in their everyday life, gifting them a reusable travel cup is not only a practical present but one that can make a significant difference in reducing everyday waste. For those who grab a coffee on their everyday commute, a reusable travel mug such as this Black and Blum insulated travel cup can help to reduce the number of paper cups that inevitably go into landfill. This sustainably made stainless steel travel cup is 100% leak proof and keeps drinks hot for up to 5 hours and cold for 8 hours, giving you the versatility to carry your favourite beverage with you on the go without the concern of using wasteful materials.

Sustainable Gifts for Children

RNLI inshore lifeboat set A field guide to leaflings

It’s never too early to teach children about the importance of leading a more sustainable lifestyle. By giving your child an eco-friendly gift you are not only bettering the environment in your sustainable purchase but are also helping implement eco-conscious behaviours in future generations. A great way to introduce environmentally friendly practices to children is through gifting sustainable toys such as this RNLI inshore lifeboat set. This build-your-own lifeboat set not only encourages imaginative play but also helps to install the idea that toys don’t need to cost the Earth. Created using sustainably sourced board and plant-based inks, this toy set is 100% biodegradable and made locally in the UK.

Another great gift for children is a fun book that uses imaginative characters to teach about the importance of protecting the planet. This ‘A Field Guide to Leaflings’ book uses creative characters to illustrate the benefits of protecting trees all over the world and how this impacts the health of people and the planet. Using responsibly sourced materials and eco-conscious packaging, these books not only teach children about sustainability but also put it into practice by minimising their environmental footprint in production.

Adopt a Gecko

Gift Membership - Individual Family


A great alternative gift for children to educate them on sustainability is adopting an animal. Here at the Eden Project, we offer the opportunity to adopt animals such as this Adopt a Gecko pack. These adoption packs not only help to support the important role our Biome plays but also help to educate children on the importance of protecting the rainforest and its inhabitants.

Another great gift for children and the whole family is a membership to the Eden Project itself. This Individual Family Gift Membership allows 2 adults and up to 3 children unlimited free access to the Eden Project for up to one year. Allow the whole family to experience the magic of our Biomes and sustainability projects and educate your children on the importance of caring for our planet.

Unisex Sustainable Gift Sets 

Eden beer gift pack Miniature gift set


For the beer lover in your life, this Eden beer gift pack will be a well-received present no matter the occasion. Featuring a trio of delicious, locally brewed beers including an IPA, pale ale and a pilsner, these beers contain locally sourced ingredients that have been handpicked to provide the right amount of hops in each drink.

For gin fanatics, this Twin Fin miniature gift set includes three unique rums made from locally sourced ingredients bursting with flavour. Distilled in the UK using natural ingredients, this rum gift set includes flavours such as coconut and lychee, pink grapefruit and pineapple, and spiced golden rum.

Mini chutney gift set Skincare gift set

Impress an avid cook with our selection of natural foods, including this flavoursome mini chutney gift set. Containing four jars of unique chutney flavours including gingery apple and almond, mango and panela and date and orange, this mini chutney set is the perfect way to introduce naturally made, organic food to a loved one.

As the body’s largest organ, taking care of our skin is an important part of taking care of your health, which is why we have curated a skincare gift set that includes natural, locally sourced ingredients, packaged in an eco-friendly way to create the perfect sustainable gift. Suitable for all adults, this skincare gift set includes everything a person needs to look fabulous every day. Including calendula and jojoba make-up remover, jasmine and rose skin freshener and a nourishing rosehip moisturiser, this set is handmade, cruelty-free and made to suit all skin types.

Shop sustainable gifts at the Eden Project

If you’re curious to find out more about sustainable gifts that don’t cost the Earth, browse through our full gift collection, or if you’re on a budget head over to our gifts under £20 range to find the perfect presents for the people you care about the most.


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