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Artisan bee hotel - Bali Island range Artisan bee hotel - Bali Island range
Wildlife WorldArtisan bee hotel - Bali Island range
Introducing the artisan bee hotel from the beautiful Bali rang...
Sale price£34.95
Bagpath hanging bird feeder Bagpath hanging bird feeder
Wildlife WorldBagpath hanging bird feeder
The attractive Vintage Garden Hanging Bird Feeder is designed ...
Sale price£27.99
Barn owl nest box Barn owl nest box
Wildlife WorldBarn owl nest box
Please allow a 2-6 week build time for this bespoke Wildlife W...
Sale price£189.99
Wooden birdhouse designed like a wine barrel with entrance hole, hanging against a white background. Barrel bird nester
Wildlife WorldBarrel bird nester
Hedgerows and large trees are disappearing from the natural wo...
Sale price£26.00
Bee Barrel Bee Barrel
Wildlife WorldBee Barrel
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
1 Review
This delightful bee barrel connects you to the natural world o...
Sale price£32.00
Bees of britain field guide Bees of britain field guide
Wildlife WorldBees of britain field guide
Calling all budding bee keepers! Our 8 page field guide will h...
Sale price£6.95
Wooden birdhouse feeder with clear perspex sides, a green roof, and a natural jute hanging rope against a white background. Wooden bird feeder hanging on tree branch filled with birdseed in a garden with stone wall background
Wildlife WorldBird barn
Designed to become a fantastic place to watch your favourite g...
Sale price£21.95
Blackbird nest box Blackbird nest box
Wildlife WorldBlackbird nest box
Please allow a 2-6 week build time for this bespoke Wildlife W...
Sale price£34.99
Butterflies of Britain field guide Butterflies of Britain field guide
Wildlife WorldButterflies of Britain field guide
Each guide / chart is laminated to make it shower-proof and ro...
Sale price£6.95
Wooden butterfly house with sloped roof, copper detailing, nesting material inside, and butterfly-shaped entrance on a white background. Wooden butterfly house with green roof next to its packaging box with butterfly illustrations on a white background.
Wildlife WorldButterfly barn
Feed & provide shelter for butterflies in your garden with...
Sale price£21.95
Wildlife World butterfly food packaging with a vivid image of a red admiral butterfly perched on green foliage, essential vitamins advertisement and a barcode displayed on a yellow background. Butterfly Food packet from Wildlife World on mossy background, with image of Red Admiral butterfly, product bar code visible, essential vitamins mentioned.
Wildlife WorldButterfly food
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
1 Review
Butterfly food, blended with essential vitamins suitable for w...
Sale price£5.50
Sold out
Bird-shaped ceramic hanging planter with blue and yellow gradient design on white background Colorful birdhouse pendant lamp in blue and yellow with hanging cable on white background
Wildlife WorldCeramic blue tit bird feeder
Made in high-fired colourful blue and yellow ceramic for frost...
Sale price£13.95
Ceramic bumblebee nester Ceramic bumblebee nester
Wildlife WorldCeramic bumblebee nester
Inspired by tradition! Brighten up your garden with the Cerami...
Sale price£28.99
Chavenage bat box Chavenage bat box
Wildlife WorldChavenage bat box
The Chavenage Bat Box is a single chamber quality nesting box ...
Sale price£27.99
Conservation bat box Conservation bat box
Wildlife WorldConservation bat box
The Conservation Bat Box is part of Wildlife World's range...
Sale price£69.99
Conservation sparrow nest box Conservation sparrow nest box
Wildlife WorldConservation sparrow nest box
Please allow a 2-6 week build time for this bespoke Wildlife W...
Sale price£144.99
Curve cavity nest box Curve cavity nest box
Wildlife WorldCurve cavity nest box
Fabulous unique nest box design by Simon King OBE. Look at the...
Sale price£29.99
Decorative bee skep with recycled sari Decorative bee skep with recycled sari
Wildlife WorldDecorative bee skep with recycled sari
This decorative Artisan Bee Skep is a fusion between the tradi...
Sale price£34.99
Wooden insect house, bee hotel with bamboo tubes, natural rope hanger, nesting habitat for garden pollinators, eco-friendly wildlife conservation shelter, isolated on white background. Wooden bee hotel hanging from a rope against an ivy-covered wall, providing nesting habitat for solitary bees in a garden environment
Wildlife WorldDewdrop bee & bug hotel
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
1 Review
The dewdrop bee and bug hotel provides nesting tubes for solit...
Sale price£22.00
Clear glass teardrop-shaped terrarium with rope isolated on white background. Alt text: A sparrow perched inside a clear, teardrop-shaped hanging window bird feeder filled with birdseed, with a garden reflection in the glass window behind it.
Wildlife WorldDewdrop bird window feeder
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
1 Review
Here is your chance to see birds feeding up really close. The ...
Sale price£18.95
Dovecote nest box Dovecote nest box
Wildlife WorldDovecote nest box
This is our latest decorative bird nest box for small birds in...
Sale price£54.99
Echoes bird bath Echoes bird bath
Wildlife WorldEchoes bird bath
Echoes Bird Bath is one of Wildlife World's top-selling de...
Sale price£44.99
Eco beacon bird feeder Eco beacon bird feeder
Wildlife WorldEco beacon bird feeder
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
1 Review
The eco beacon bird feeder is made from recycled “second life“...
Sale price£8.95
Eco bee nester Eco bee nester
Wildlife WorldEco bee nester
The eco-friendly eco bee nester is designed to attract and car...
Sale price£21.95
Geodesic domes of sustainable biome project with hexagonal patterns amidst lush greenery during sunset with a seagull flying overhead

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