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Chocolate chip cookie 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyChocolate chip cookie 180g
Got a chip on your shoulder? Then bring some sweeeet smiles wi...
Sale price£4.95
Milk almond honey nougat 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyMilk almond honey nougat 180g
What's everyone buzzing about? It's Tony’s mellow yell...
Sale price£4.95
Milk caramel biscuit 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyMilk caramel biscuit 180g
Fairtrade milk chocolate with caramel pieces and biscuit piece...
Sale price£4.95
Milk caramel sea salt 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyMilk caramel sea salt 180g
Fairtrade milk chocolate filled with crunchy caramel and a hin...
Sale price£4.95
Milk chocolate 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyMilk chocolate 180g
Not just a classic milk chocolate bar, but a Tony’s Chocolonel...
Sale price£4.95
Milk creamy hazelnut crunch 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyMilk creamy hazelnut crunch 180g
Fairtrade milk chocolate with hazelnut pieces, hazelnut paste ...
Sale price£4.95
Milk crispy wafer 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyMilk crispy wafer 180g
Fairtrade milk chocolate with wafer and cookie pieces. Sounds...
Sale price£4.95
Sold out
Tony's chocolonely easter eggs milk chocolate 180g Tony's chocolonely easter eggs milk chocolate 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyTony's chocolonely easter eggs milk chocolate 180g
Our little Easter eggs are back in your favourite flavours! En...
Sale price£5.95
Sold out
Tony's chocolonely milk chocolate easter egg 242g
Tony's ChocolonelyTony's chocolonely milk chocolate easter egg 242g
Indulge in Tony's Chocolonely's delicious Fair Trade m...
Sale price£13.95
White raspberry popping candy 180g
Tony's ChocolonelyWhite raspberry popping candy 180g
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
1 Review
Fairtrade white chocolate with raspberry & popping candy. ...
Sale price£4.95
Geodesic domes of sustainable biome project with hexagonal patterns amidst lush greenery during sunset with a seagull flying overhead

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When you shop with The Eden Project, you're supporting an educational charity and social enterprise.

Our truly transformational projects span across the UK and around the world. From Morecambe to Dundee and Costa Rica to China, we’re working to respect, protect and repair the natural world to benefit both the land and those who live on it.

Our ethical shop has been curated with sustainable products that have a story of their own. Whether you're looking for compostable coffee pods or cruelty-free cosmetics, we strive to become your go-to destination for sustainable shopping and gifting.