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Seeds Of ItalyAgretti
When mature (50 or so days) Agretti is a 18" wide, 24&quo...
Sale price£3.00
Seeds Of ItalyAnice
Annual plant easy to grow that required a sunny position. At t...
Sale price£2.50
Anti mosquito flower mix
Seeds Of ItalyAnti mosquito flower mix
A mix of flowers with different colours and scent specially se...
Sale price£3.75
Aster unicum
Seeds Of ItalyAster unicum
Astro unicum- annual plant, 50cm tall, upright and easy to cul...
Sale price£2.95
Aubergine pianta
Seeds Of ItalyAubergine pianta
This mini aubergines are called 'tree of eggs' because...
Sale price£3.00
Basil piccolo foglie
Seeds Of ItalyBasil piccolo foglie
This is a small leafed basil which has an intense flavour. Bas...
Sale price£2.50
Black cherry tomato
Seeds Of ItalyBlack cherry tomato
A typical small cherry shaped tomato. Juicy and full of flavou...
Sale price£3.00
Black podded pea
Seeds Of ItalyBlack podded pea
This is an early variety that produces plants that can reach 8...
Sale price£3.00
Blue flower mix
Seeds Of ItalyBlue flower mix
Blue annual flowers of different sizes, shapes and shades. Th...
Sale price£2.95
Seeds Of ItalyBorage
Borrage is an Annual plant with fast growing leaves which are ...
Sale price£2.50
Cactus mix
Seeds Of ItalyCactus mix
Selected varieties of perennial cacti. Requires a sunny positi...
Sale price£3.75
Californian poppy escolzia
Seeds Of ItalyCalifornian poppy escolzia
Mixed colour pack of this dainty flower which grows to about 4...
Sale price£2.95
Seeds Of ItalyCapers
Capers/Cappero. Mature caper bushes can grow three feet high ...
Sale price£2.50
Carrot cosmic purple
Seeds Of ItalyCarrot cosmic purple
A purple carrot with lovely orange flesh inside. It is a vigor...
Sale price£3.00
Cat grass
Seeds Of ItalyCat grass
'Cat Grass' (not Catnip Nepita Cataria which we also s...
Sale price£2.50

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