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Achocha seeds
Seaspring SeedsAchocha seeds
A relative of squashes and cucumbers, achocha produces masses ...
Sale price£2.50
Aji limo chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsAji limo chilli seeds
A Peruvian habanero with colourful fruit that are so glossy th...
Sale price£2.00
Akron tomato seeds Akron tomato seeds
Seaspring SeedsAkron tomato seeds
Hybrid. If you want both high yields and good taste in a clas...
Sale price£3.00
Beaver dam chilli seeds Beaver dam chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsBeaver dam chilli seeds
A vegetable type chilli that is both prolific and early. The l...
Sale price£2.00
Bengle naga chilli seeds Bengle naga chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsBengle naga chilli seeds
A superhot habanero with a wonderfully distinctive ‘bubblegum’...
Sale price£5.00
Cayennetta chilli seeds Cayennetta chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsCayennetta chilli seeds
A prolific producer of medium hot fruit about 7cm long. The fr...
Sale price£2.00
Celano tomato seeds Celano tomato seeds
Seaspring SeedsCelano tomato seeds
A sprawling, determinate tomato producing small, plum-shaped f...
Sale price£2.50
Chupentinho chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsChupentinho chilli seeds
An absolutely divine little chilli a hotter variety to ‘pearl....
Sale price£2.00
Cocktail crush tomato seeds Cocktail crush tomato seeds
Seaspring SeedsCocktail crush tomato seeds
Hybrid. A red-fruited, indeterminate tomato bred for blight re...
Sale price£2.50
Coffee bean chilli seeds Coffee bean chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsCoffee bean chilli seeds
The small, roundish fruit of Coffee Bean measure just 6 to 8mm...
Sale price£2.00
Dorset naga chilli seeds Dorset naga chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsDorset naga chilli seeds
One of the hottest chillies on earth, Dorset Naga incongruousl...
Sale price£6.00
Draky chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsDraky chilli seeds
A large cone shaped fruit whose flesh thickness is the same as...
Sale price£2.00
Green Trinidad chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsGreen Trinidad chilli seeds
Green Trinidad is a curious habanero with fruit that change fr...
Sale price£2.20
Hot cherry chilli seeds Hot cherry chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsHot cherry chilli seeds
An Italian variety producing medium hot fruit that vary from r...
Sale price£2.20
Hot juan chilli seeds Hot juan chilli seeds
Seaspring SeedsHot juan chilli seeds
A striking variety whose fruit dramatically grow upright in bu...
Sale price£2.20

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