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Bamboo painted rainstick 15cm
Rainstick TradingBamboo painted rainstick 15cm
A rainstick is a long, hollow tube partially filled with small...
Sale price£5.00
Bead band bracelet
Rainstick TradingBead band bracelet
Guatemala's beautiful Caribbean and Pacific beaches and th...
Sale price£7.00
Carved Huancayo maraca Carved Huancayo maraca
Rainstick TradingCarved Huancayo maraca
These natural gourd maracas are carved and then painted in the...
Sale price£6.50
Rainstick TradingCaxixi
High-quality caxixi with inner gourd bottom. This very fine so...
Sale price£5.50
Cha cha rattle
Rainstick TradingCha cha rattle
These seeds from the Amazon have been sewn onto colourful cott...
Sale price£6.00
Chunky carved tagua ring
Rainstick TradingChunky carved tagua ring
Very bright and fun selection of large rings. These are carved...
Sale price£3.50
Chunky tagua bracelet azul
Rainstick TradingChunky tagua bracelet azul
This Galapagos Tagua Brand Turquoise Blue Chunky Bracelet is o...
Sale price£6.50
Djembe drum 15cm
Rainstick TradingDjembe drum 15cm
The Djembe drum from West Africa has achieved world status as ...
Sale price£7.50
Egg maracas Egg maracas
Rainstick TradingEgg maracas
Get little hands shaking with these colourful maracas! The egg...
Sale price£5.00
Flower shaker Flower shaker
Rainstick TradingFlower shaker
A mini shaker encased in a resonant skin, made in Bali. Suitab...
Sale price£4.50
Friendship bracelet
Rainstick TradingFriendship bracelet
Formed by a series of knots that create a woven pattern, frien...
Sale price£2.50
Glass bead bracelet
Rainstick TradingGlass bead bracelet
Inspired by the colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, and t...
Sale price£4.00
Juggling ball
Rainstick TradingJuggling ball
Please note that these are sold singly, therefore 1 random des...
Sale price£3.50
Mbira thumb piano
Rainstick TradingMbira thumb piano
Known as m'bira or marimba all over sub-saharan Africa, th...
Sale price£9.00
Monkey drum
Rainstick TradingMonkey drum
Probably originating in Africa, monkey drums are found all ove...
Sale price£3.50

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