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Bamboo cutting board, rectangular, wooden texture, sustainable kitchenware, natural material food prep surface, eco-friendly chopping block. Fresh lemon halves on bamboo cutting board with stainless steel knife, kitchen preparation, isolated on white background
BambuBamboo bar board
Our bar board is a great addition to any home, use it to cut a...
Sale price£10.00
Bamboo cutting board on white background, kitchen accessory, sustainable wooden chopping board, food preparation surface, clean minimal design Fresh vegetable preparation on wooden cutting board with knife, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, and heirloom tomatoes on rustic kitchen table
BambuBamboo chopping board
Sustainable bamboo chopping board. Dual use chopping and servi...
Sale priceFrom £16.00
Bamboo cutting board on white background, eco-friendly kitchenware, natural wood chopping board, top view. Rustic breakfast set on a wooden table featuring a sliced croissant with jam on a cutting board, fresh apricots, a cup of tea, and a plate of peaches.
BambuBamboo cutting board
This bamboo cutting board is not just a sustainable decision, ...
Sale price£18.00
Three wooden kitchen utensils on white background, including a round spoon, a flat spatula, and a slotted spoon. Person wearing a striped apron holding wooden cooking utensils, kitchenware, home cooking concept, chef at home, wooden spoons, close-up of hands and apron, cooking prep, culinary tools
BambuBamboo kitchen basics utensil set of 3
A useful set of bamboo utensils - spoon, round spoon and spatu...
Sale price£13.00
Wooden spoon isolated on white background, kitchen utensil, cooking tool, bamboo spoon, long handle wooden spoon, natural wood cookware. Person in blue shirt stirring dry ingredients in a clear mixing bowl with a wooden spoon on a rustic wood table with raw eggs and cloth napkin nearby in preparation for baking.
BambuBamboo mixing spoon
These bamboo mixing spoons make something beautiful of a kitch...
Sale price£4.00
Bamboo spatula on white background, wooden kitchen utensil, eco-friendly cooking tool, top view Fresh brown eggs in white bowl, wooden spatula, linen cloth with printed text, milk jug, and wheat ears on gray background.
BambuBamboo spatula
This useful spatula cleverly combines a chunky functional hand...
Sale price£4.00
Bamboo spoontula Kitchen utensils made of wood, including spoons and spatulas, organized in clear glass jar, next to stacked white ceramic plates on natural linen tablecloth.
BambuBamboo spoontula
The spoontula is a regular mixing spoon with the added feature...
Sale price£4.75
Wooden spork isolated on white background, combination spoon and fork, eco-friendly biodegradable utensil, bamboo kitchenware concept, sustainable tableware design, zero waste lifestyle accessory Eco-friendly bamboo cutlery set beside white bowls with pink and tan ice cream scoops, fresh flowers in glass vase, on blue and white striped tablecloth with rustic wooden table background.
BambuBamboo spork
As the clever name suggests this handy little utensil is a cro...
Sale price£2.50
Bamboo spatula isolated on white background, eco-friendly kitchen utensil, wooden spatula top view, natural bamboo cooking tool, single wooden spreader flat lay
BambuBamboo spreader
A great addition to the cutlery drawer or picnic basket, this ...
Sale price£2.00
Wooden cooking spoon isolated on white background, long handle, kitchen utensil, top view, bamboo material, food preparation accessory
BambuBamboo tasting spoon
We love this cute tasting spoon - not only does it look great ...
Sale price£4.00
Wooden spoon on white background, top view, kitchen utensil, cooking tool, minimalist food preparation concept Cup of tea with wooden spoon and flaky croissant on rustic wooden table, morning breakfast concept
BambuBamboo tea spoon
Ideal for everyday use they have smart, shaped handles and cer...
Sale price£2.00
Wooden designer lamp with a minimalist aesthetic on a clear white background Close-up of a hand holding a bamboo tray with a grey ceramic coffee mug, sugar cubes, and wooden tongs, with a croissant and coffee maker in the background.
BambuBamboo tiny tongs
Ideal for all of those fiddly jobs around the kitchen includin...
Sale price£3.50
Wooden spatula on white background, bamboo cooking utensil, eco-friendly kitchen tool, natural flat spatula, isolated wooden turner Fresh vegetables on wooden cutting board with chef's knife, wooden spoon, striped kitchen towel, and empty black pan on rustic wood tabletop, ingredients for healthy cooking and meal prep concept.
BambuBamboo wok spatula
This handy wok spatula has been thoughtfully designed with a s...
Sale price£5.50
Geodesic domes of sustainable biome project with hexagonal patterns amidst lush greenery during sunset with a seagull flying overhead

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